“Mobile lover” – Banksy says it best

Bank’s artwork Mobile Lovers sums up exactly why it’s important to put your phone down.


Image from: http://www.banksy.co.uk/index3.html

Mobile Lovers, showing a couple embracing while checking their mobile phones, appeared on a doorway by Broad Plain Working With Young People in Bristol in April, 2014. The piece, attached to a plank of wood and screwed to the wall on Clement Street, was removed by members of the cash-strapped club with a crow bar. Owner Dennis Stinchcombe moved Mobile Lovers into a corridor and invited members of the public to come and view it, with donations optional. Within days, police removed the painting and handed it to the city council, who put it on display at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Elusive artist Banksy later took the unusual step of writing a letter to Stinchcombe, stating “as far as I’m concerned you can have it”. Mobile Lovers has now been sold for an undisclosed sum to a private collector, with all proceeds going to Broad Plain Working With Young People.

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Are you an ADDICT?


Graph by Flurry Analytics.

If you’re constantly checking your phone despite the pleas of your mum, boss or significant other, you might just be a “mobile addict” — and you’re not alone.

The average mobile user only launches an app 10 times per day, but a mobile addict, as defined by analytics firm Flurry, launches them more than 60 times each day. By tabulating how often some 500,000 apps were launched on 1.3 billion mobile devices over the past year, Flurry has deduced that the number of mobile addicts grew from 79 million people to 176 million people between March 2013 and March 2014 — an increase of 123%.

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Female Students the worst when it comes to mobile addiction?

Check out this article by the Daily Mail in the UK, they’re suggesting that students are the worst when it comes to mobile phone addiction:


“Students spend up to ten hours a day on their mobile phones, a study found. Some even say they feel stressed if their phone is not in sight. A team at Baylor University in Texas found that female students spent an average of ten hours a day texting, emailing and on social media while their male counterparts spent nearly eight.”

Do you think this is true?

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We want to see your phone towers!

Post your phone tower pics to our Facebook page and share your stories like these guys have:

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.34.23 pm     Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.33.59 pm

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Here’s a recapper on how to play the game: Game starts at the beginning of a meal. Everyone puts their phones face down at the centre of the table. No one is allowed to pick up their phones during the meal. The first one to give in loses the game and pays the entire bill. The game ends when the bill comes.

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Game Changer

Not eating out tonight? Still want to play the phone game at home with your family/housemates?

Well this is for you!


THE PHONE GAME CHANGER: The first person to touch their phone before the meal is done has to wash the dishes.

wash all th edishes

New “no-mobiles” policy implemented

A string of high end restaurants in the UK have introduced a “no-mobiles” policy. By asking diners to turn off their phones to making sure there’s no reception in their restaurants- are these measures too extreme? Should it remain a matter of self-regulation?

Read more about it in this article below and let us know your thoughts!


“Look Up”

Remember to look up, everybody. Start doing it tomorrow!

A five-minute YouTube poem urging people to look up from their internet devices and interact with real people has had the opposite effect, notching more than 24 million views in 12 days. The video doesn’t demonise social media entirely, but rather encourages people to take a break from their online lives to experience real connections. While likes outnumber thumbs-down by about 35 to 1, the overly-sentimental clip has split opinions online as to whether it is thought-provoking or hypocritical.

In it, British writer and director Gary Turk reads a poem: “Look up from your phone, shut down the display. Take in your surroundings, make the most of today. Just one real connection is all it can take to show you the difference that being there can make.”

Remember to look up, everybody. Start doing it tomorrow!